We offer custom made orthotics for all your foot care needs. You need orthotics if you are suffering from foot and heel pain, limping, not being able to walk as much, or just those first few sore steps in the morning when you wake up.

Often times, we keep enduring pain or face failed treatment results in lowback, hips and knees without realizing the actual source of problem. Many times aches and pains in these areas are related to foot disorders and faulty alignment.

As we spend most of our awake hours on our feet, orthotics provide a good support to our arches and other structures that enable us to continue with our day without having to limp or sit down to take breaks. Orthotics are available for most kinds of footwear including skates, runners, formal shoes and sandals. Our computerized gait scan system provides detailed information about the alignment of bones in your feet, arches, pressure areas in your feet in standing or walking. Based on this assessment, our experienced therapists will suggest the most appropriate orthotics that will suit your needs.