Chiropractor Ottawa

We ask a lot of our body. It has to get up early, work all day, rush around all evening and get up tomorrow to do it all over again! We’re stressed and busy, and we have no time to take care of ourselves. Finding ways to keep our body working its best is essential to long-term health. Chiropractic is a wonderful way of achieving that goal.

When the joints in the spine aren’t moving correctly or become misaligned, through stress or bad posture, this is called subluxation. Subluxation can occur in any of 100 places around the spine, resulting in irritation of the nerves. Initial symptoms might be spasms, stiffness or pain in the upper, mid or low back, because the spine is trying to protect the area that is experiencing subluxation. It can also result in tingling, numbness and weakness in arms or legs.

Through manual adjustments to the spine, a chiropractor can realign the joints and restore its proper movement. These adjustments can restore the function of your nervous system and as a result, improve your health and wellbeing.

Chiropractor in Ottawa