Announcing Stayfit Physio’s New Blog and Lash Services.

We will be touching on a variety of topics. These topics will range from skin types, what your at home products do, the products available at Stayfit, to the services we provide and what you should expect from the services you will receive. Plus a few extra tidbits we will be pleased to offer you.

Our main objective is to inform you and provide you with an excellent service that will give you the results you are looking for. Quite often clients will want one service but will learn that another service is better for their particular skin and needs. We want to offer this blog as an extra way to inform and guide you towards what works best for you.

Another exciting development is the introduction of lash services at Stayfit Physio. We want to celebrate these with you in this blog. Highlighting the eyes can either drastically or subtlety change your natural look. It just depends on the service and look that you choose. Eyelashes have become yet another way to express yourself and shave off some time from your morning makeup routine. The fun part about lashes is that you can have a look with just lashes alone. This makes things like unexpected nights out to stay-in low maintenance looks a breeze.

Click the picture above to have the video play. This is the professional video from RefectoCil depicting what you should expect during the lash lift treatment. We use this brand at our clinic.
Eyelash Extensions $89.00: This is the most dramatic look available for the eyelashes. We individually isolate each and every lash and add the single or volume lash to each individual lash. This allows us to create personalized looks from cat eyes, volume to a natural look. You can work with our technician to find the best look that suites you.

Two Week Eyelash Extension Fill $50.00: Similar to aesthetic nails, you need to fill in the lashes that fell off or grew out too long with new lashes. It is recommended that you come every two weeks to maintain and keep your look fresh.

Three Week Eyelash Fill $75.00: When life is too hectic and busy. Anything past three weeks requires a whole new lash fill due to the loss of lashes. Along with the time needed to fill in the lost lashes.

Lash Lift $65.00: This is a natural way to open your eyes and give you a little something. The lash lift is a collagen and cysteine treatment that semi-permanently lifts the lashes up. Meaning that the solution used to lift your lashes will nourish and make the lashes strong. You don’t have to worry about this damaging or being to hard on your lashes. As well as lifting, you will enjoy a free eyelash tint with this service. So go ahead and throw out that manual eyelash curler and mascara and enjoy this look for six weeks.

Lash Tint $25.00: Have the instant mascara look with a lash tint. This service is great for blonde or light lashes. It’s an easy way to bring out what you already have.

We are pleased to provide you with the new lash services, along with the many other aesthetic services at Stayfit Physio. Don’t be shy to ask us about any of the services or products available here.

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